April TBR | Time to get back into reading!!

Wow guys, what is happening with the world. Before I start this post I just want to tell you guys to take care of yourselves and the people you love, and to be safe. I have no idea how long this sickness will take, so I hope everyone out here is doing ok.

I haven’t been reading a lot this month, i.e one book, but since next month is the Easter holidays, I think I might be able to get some reading done. So here is my TBR!


1. Rules For Vanishing by Kate Alice Marshall

I bought this book a few months ago and it has been at the front of my TBR since then. I really want to read this book because it sounds spooky and scary, and I can guarantee that my scaredy-cat self will get freaked out at least twice while reading this book. It’s also told in interviews and testimonies, so it should be an interesting read. I actually tried to stop myself from reading it before April, but I couldn’t take the anticipation, and I’m now 110 pages into it. And guys, it’s so good! I’ll definitely be writing a review of this book when I finish it because it’s so dang good already.


2. Yes No Maybe So by Becky Albertalli and Aisha Saeed

I put this book on hold a few weeks ago and it was put in transit, set to come in within days, and then the library closed dues to the Coronavirus. I completely understand why they did that and I’m not feeling angry in any way, but I was a bit sad. But then I found the ebook on Amazon for only 89 CENTS. If it’s still there on amazon UK, check out that bargain guys! I have read every single one of Becky Albertalli’s books, so of course I was going to pick up this one. Aisha Saeed is an author I’ve never read from, but since she’s collaborating with Becky Albertalli their voices might be the same, so maybe I’ll find a new fave author!


3. Philadelphia, Here I Come by Brian Friel

I know I’ll have to read this for school soon, so I guess I’ll just get ahead. I don’t really know what this play is about, but I think it’s like the movie Brooklyn. Even though this play is only 70 pages, I’ll have to read this slowly so I can write notes on it. To be perfectly honest, I’m not excited to read this book, but I hope it’ll be good. If anyone has read this play, please tell me what you thought of it, because I really want to read other people’s opinions.


4. Anything the OWLS readathon throws at me

I’m going to be participating in the OWLS readathon next month, so that should be fun. My chosen career is magizoologist, which is something I’d love to be, and it’s so sad that I can’t be. But I’ve gotta say, the prompts are hard to find books for, especially when I can’t go to the library. I mean, a book with a beak on the cover? If you are participating in the OWLS readathon, please let me know, and we can be readathon buddies!


So that is it for my April TBR! I hope you liked this small post, and I shall see you very soon with my Rules for Vanishing review. Have a lovely, healthy day and I’ll catch you later. Bye!



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