My Bookish Goals for 2020

Hey everyone! Can you believe the decade is almost over, and a new one is about to begin? I honestly can’t believe it. I started this decade when I was seven!

I have some big goals for next year, but I also have much tamer goals too. Because I’m at school and I’m volunteering at a charity shop, and I’ll be rehearsing and performing in two musical shows at the start of the year, I won’t have a lot of time for reading. But I still want to give myself goals, because I want to see if I can reach them.

So let’s go!


1. Read 12 books

I gave myself the challenge of reading 40 books this year, and I have had to lower that to the low 30s because my life has been so hectic. So I plan on having a calmer reading year in 2020, and read a book a month. I know I’ll be able to read that amount, and I’m very happy with my decision. This is the lowest that my Goodreads reading challenge has ever been, and it’s super crazy, but I’m very interested to see how it’ll go.


2. Read a book in German

One of the subjects I chose when I started mainstream school in August was German, and one of my goals is to actually read a book in German. My German has improved so much, and I hope that by the end of the year I would’ve read a book and mostly understood it. I’m gonna choose a book that I’ve read a few times before, and I have already put on hold a book from the library. And that is – drumroll please – The Hunger Games!! I also want to buy a german book from amazon this year as well, and I have my eyes set on Stalking Jack the Ripper, so hopefully soon I can buy it!


3. Don’t completely abandon this blog XD

I know that being 100% consistent with my blog just won’t be an option this year, but I don’t want to completely forget about it either. I have some great ideas for blog posts next year, that I’ve been planning for quite a while, and I can’t wait to show them to you! I also want to give my blog a bit of a redesign, and I want to do more discussion-style posts, and do more posts about writing. Overall I want to branch out of my old content which is mostly just book reviews and tags. I obviously will still do those, but I want to other interesting things too!


4. Read longer books

I usually stay away from longer books because I want to read heaps of books for my reading challenge. But because my reading goal is so low I now have time to read some of the big tomes that I’ve been putting off. I also don’t want to rush through these big books, and I want to slow down and really savour them. This may sound like I’m going to eat the books but I can promise you, I’m 67% sure I won’t eat any books next year XD.



So those are my goals for next year! I really want to have a laid-back reading year with a priority of enjoying every book I read. I really hope you have a great reading year next year, and you complete all of your goals. I hope to see you very soon and I hope you have a great day and a great 2020! Seeya!


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