Where was I? | A recap of my last few months away

Hello everyone! As some of you may know (or not!) I was away for a few months. This little break was completely unintentional and it just happened. I had a lot going on in my life, and I want to tell you guys about it. So get a cup of tea and I’ll tell you all about what I’ve been doing while I’ve been away.

Let’s go!


1. I volunteered for a book festival

Like I did last year, I volunteered for Towers and Tales, which is a children’s book festival. I was at the information desk the whole day and I had a load of fun. There was actually a bit where this mum came up to us with her son. She quietly told us that they couldn’t go and see the Book Doctors (you tell them your reading tastes and they give you a “prescription” of books to read) and asked us if we could pretend to be them for her son. I felt almost honoured to do it and even though the kid seemed to catch on to what was going on, I still loved doing it. After that was the volunteer tea party, where I sat a table over from Philip Reeve, which is pretty cool (I’m practically famous).


2. I volunteered for an opera festival

I know, more volunteering! This time I volunteered for an opera festival and it was HARD WORK. I worked for such long hours, and my feet were in so much pain by the end of it, but I still enjoyed myself. I also got to see the end of the first half of the opera and the whole second half (the opera was Don Pasquale) and it was so funny. It was a great atmosphere and some great stories came out of that week. And also a LOT of drama. During that week…


3. My family came over from Australia to visit

My Nana, Grandpa, Aunt and Uncle all came over to celebrate my Mums birthday and stayed with us for two weeks. It was a major surprise for my mum, who knew that her dad and brother were coming but not her mum and sister, and she was extremely happy. We did so many things (including climbing a mountain and my uncle competing in a chess tournament!) and the two weeks went by like that. It was the best time ever and I miss them already, but I have a feeling they’ll come back, because when you visit Ireland it sticks with you for a loong time. My grandpa is still here though, which is great, and he’s here for a couple more weeks.


4. School preparations

Ok, so this may be a weird one for you guys but: I’M GOING TO SCHOOL!! You’re probably thinking, “Who is this weirdo who’s excited for school starting back?”, but you don’t understand. I have been homeschooled for about ten years and haven’t spent even a day in a public high school. For years I have wanted to go to school and see what the big deal was so I finally asked my parents and after a lot of interviews with the school and thinking on my part, I’m going! I’m honestly so excited to go to school and see what it’s all like, and I can’t wait.


So those are the biggest things that have happened in the past few months. There have of course been lots of tiny things, but those were the major ones. I hope you enjoyed this post and I’ll see you very soon with a new post. Bye!!

P.S. I’m now halfway through Scythe by Neal Shusterman and it is goood. Fingers and toes crossed I’ll be able to post a review of it by Sunday, or sometime soon.

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