March Wrap Up

Hi everyone! So I went to the library today and found some great books, and I’m already over 100 pages through one! I mean, it’s a children’s book, but I’m happy. I don’t know why I started this blog post with this tangent, but… yeah.

So today I’m going to show you my March wrap up! I read four books in March, and I’m pretty happy with what I read. They were mostly all pretty short, but I still feel like I accomplished a lot.

So let’s get to it!

1. Percy Jackson and The Singer Of Apollo by Rick Riordan


This was a very short book, but it still had all the best bits of Percy Jackson books. It was very funny, full of mythology, and also full of action. I think anyone who loved Percy Jackson should read this book, and this could also be a good introductory book for a kid who wants to read PJO but is a little intimidated. I gave this book four stars, and I now wanna read The Battle Of The Labyrinth.




2. Heartstopper by Alice Oseman


I mentioned this book in my february wrap up, but I had to read it again, because it was so gosh-darn cute. I kept my rating at 4 stars, but reading it a second time, I want more cute scenes! I’m halfway through Solitaire (Update: I DNF-ed Solitaire because I just wasn’t feeling it at the moment), where these boys feature for the first time, and it’s so sad to see all of Charlie’s struggles. I just want to hug him and tell him everything’s going to be alright! And also Ben can go to hell. He can just leave.



3. Girl Hearts Girl by Lucy Sutcliffe


I picked this up because the cover looked cute and I always saw it when I go to the library. So I read it and I didn’t really like it. I rated this book as a 3 on Goodreads, but I’m actually thinking of lowering my rating a little bit. I just thought it was a very meh book. To me, it just felt as if the author was bragging about her amazing life, and then saying it was awful. She felt very privileged and sheltered from the really bad stuff happening in the world. I’m not trying to put her experiences down or anything like that, I just don’t think this book was for me. I think this book was made for the fans of the Youtube channel, and only them. But I also think this book might be a nice uplifting book for anyone struggling with their sexuality or identity.

4. Wolf by Wolf by Ryan Graudin


This book was frikkin amazing. I need everyone to read this book, and just fangirl about it with me. I wrote a review for this book, so if you want to read it, I’ll leave a link here. But long story short, this book was full of action, motorbike shenanigans and heartbreaking flashbacks. I gave this book 5 stars and I cannot wait to get to the second book. I have it on my desk right now waiting for me, and I can’t wait to have the time to pick it up.




So those are the books I read in March! I hope you enjoyed this post and please tell me what books you read last month. Have an awesome day and I’ll see you very soon with a new post. Bye!


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