March TBR | Changing Genres

At the beginning of the year, I was obsessed with fantasy and that’s all I wanted to read. But then I read The Hate U Give, and now I want to read just contemporary. It’s funny how one book can change your reading just like that.

But anyway, this is my TBR for March. It’s more like reading suggestions, because if you’ve been reading my last two TBR’s, you can see that I rarely read the books I say I’m going to. So these books are books I want to read, but I’m not forcing myself to.

Let’s get into the TBR/suggestions!



1. Jack of Hearts (and Other Parts) by L. C. Rosen

I got an arc of this last year but I never read it (haha oops). Then I saw that everybody was talking about it, and it spurred me to pick up the arc again. I knew the gist of what this book was about, but I didn’t now that there was a mystery element, which makes me want to read it a whole lot more.


2. Let’s Talk About Love by Claire Kann

I’ve wanted to read this book for so long, but it was never in the library. But it’s in now, so I may actually be able to read it soon. Although, it seems that I might not be able to get it until May, so I might just have to cross it off my list. It’s sad, I know, but life carries on.


3. Two Can Keep A Secret by Karen M. Mcmanus

You have absolutely no idea the amount of times I’ve called this book Two Of Us Is Lying. It’s honestly embarrassing. I’ve read One Of Us Is Lying by this author, hence the name confusion, and I really enjoyed it. So I’m excited to see what Karen’s got in store for me this time. I did guess the ending in her first book, so hopefully this one will sweep me off my feet and knock my socks off.




4. Am I Normal Yet by Holly Bourne

I am such a huge fan of UKYA books, but I unfortunately don’t read enough of them. So I thought I should add this one to my tbr. I don’t know much about this book, but I’ve heard nothing but great things about it. There’s supposed to be great OCD representation, which I don’t have, but I’ll be interested to know more about it.


5. I Believe In A Thing Called Love by Maurene Goo

I have literally never watched a Kdrama in my life, which’ll be interesting since this book is focused on Kdramas. But hey, I’ve also never slayed a dragon with my bare hands either (I mainly ride them), so it should be fine. This book is supposed to be not the best, but that’s what makes it so great. I’m imagining a Warm Bodies situation here. The movie was so terrible that it was actually good. Weird, I know.


6. Summer Of Salt by Katrina Leno

I actually started reading this once, but for no reason whatsoever, I put it own. I think this book is a magical realism f/f book, and it sound kinda weird but also cool. I really want to read this book, since it’s quite short and I’ve also heard great things about it.



These books aren’t contemporary, but I’m also interested in these too.

7. The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey

I just joined a book club and we’re supposed to read and talk about a book of our choice, so I think I might read The 5th Wave for it. I once got around one hundred pages through this book, but I had to take it back to the library. The hundred or so pages I read of it were super entertaining, and I’m excited to get back into it.


8. Siege And Storm by Leigh Bardugo

I got this from the library, and it expires very soon, so if I can renew it I want to read it in March. I read Shadow And Bone this month and loved it. I think Leigh Bardugo may be one of my favourite authors now, she’s so good! I’m quite curious as to what’s going to happen, since I’ve read around twenty pages and the Darkling is already back.



So those are the books I have suggested to myself to read. I’ll probably just pick a handful of these and read them, and I’ll tell you what they are in my March wrap up. I hope you enjoyed this post and remember to tell me in the comments what you’re planning on reading next month. Have a great day, and I’ll see you very soon. Bye!

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