So I just finished Six Of Crows by Leigh Bardugo and I have THOUGHTS. Hi, by the way. My name’s Chelsea and I’ve just been through the WILD RIDE THAT IS SIX OF CROWS. I honestly can’t believe how good that book is. Yes spoiler alert, I liked it. But I’ll get into my thoughts in a little bit… maybe when I’ve calmed down a smidge.

I read the collector’s edition of Six Of Crows, which my mum actually WON, which was so cool. I loved seeing the illustrations at the back, and the gorgeous cover design. Seriously, if you can get your hands on the collector’s edition, whether it be from the library or your local book shop, YOU HAVE TO CHECK IT OUT. It’s honestly so pretty, and I love it. Every little thing on the cover corresponds with something in the book, and I think that’s genius. But before I gush too much about just the cover of the book, let’s delve under the cover…



Author: Leigh Bardugo

Publisher: Henry Holt and Company

Rating: 5 Stars (or 1 million stars!)


From the get go

This book didn’t give you a second to familiarize yourself with the world or anything. Just BAM, Grisha being controlled with jurda parem in the first chapter. I love stories that start with the oh-my-god moments right at the start of the book. And the first chapter was exactly like that. Actually, the first two chapters were pretty woah. Which I have no issue with AT ALL. If you want a book with a fast start, here you go.


The characters (AKA my new best friends)

If someone came up to me and asked me who my favourite character was, I actually couldn’t tell you. For now, Wylan is probably my least favourite, but it’s just because I don’t know a lot about him yet. Don’t take this the wrong way, I still love him to bits, but I think his whole story arc will be fully revealed in Crooked Kingdom. I thought Inej might’ve been my favourite, but then Nina, then Kaz, then asdlkhflkahg. Then I realized I SHOULDN’T CHOOSE MY FAVOURITE BESTIE BECAUSE THAT’S MEAN. So yeah, I love them all dearly, and I want to shield them from the baddies out there like Van Eck. I hope they don’t die, but I think one of them might. *sobs into Six Of Crows*.


The romance

If the romance in this book isn’t slow burn, then what is? Usually, I’d be like KISS YOU ADORABLE FOOLS, but with this book, I was just enjoying the ride. I didn’t think I liked slow burn romances, but maybe it’s only the type of thing The new queen of writing Leigh Bardugo can achieve. I was rooting for Kaz and Inej the whole way through, but then Nina and Matthias just went BOOM, AREN’T WE GREAT TOGETHER OR WHAT? I was just there like, YESSSS. I think/hope Wylan and Jesper have a little bit of a thing in Crooked Kingdom, and I hope all the couples get together and live happily ever after.


The shocks, twists and turns

There were some things in this book that I was not expecting. Like, at all. But Leigh Bardugo did it in such an amazing way. It wasn’t like she was hiding stuff from the reader until the right moment, it was just because we were in someone elses POV at that time, who didn’t know the truth behind the twist. It’s hard to explain, but I loved how everything unfolded. I was definitely shocked at times, like the part where Nina got locked up in one of the Grisha prison cells. But all the turns were so good and well thought out, and I do have to congratulate Leigh on writing this book. BIG ROUND OF APPLAUSE EVERYBODY!


To recap

This book was one of the most deliciously delightful book to have made its way into my hands. It deserves every little bit of hype, and it needs more. Every person on this planet should read this book, because it’s too good not to share. I’m definitely going to read Crooked Kingdom soon, because I need to know what happens to Inej, and I need to know how it all ends. I know also need every little bit of Six Of Crows merch I can get my hands on. Like, now.

P.S. Go onto Youtube and watch Six Of Crows – Trouble by EmptyFeet. One of my new favourite Youtube videos of all time now. Just watch it!



So those are my gushing thoughts about Six Of Crows by Leigh Bardugo. I’m for sure going to be picking up the Grisha trilogy and King Of Scars soon, because I need more Leigh Bardugo already. If you want to talk to me about Six Of Crows in the comments, I’d be happy to rave about it with you! Have a spectacular day and I’ll see you very soon, bye!



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