Middle Grade Books I Want To Read | MIDDLE GRADE MONDAY

Hello everyone! So for the past few days I’ve been looking up Middle Grade books because I have started my quest to get my little brother to read books. He’s read The Wimpy Kid books and the Treehouse books and stuff like that, but my plan is to turn him into a reader. I have a sneaking suspicion that this plan is going to go belly up as soon as it starts, but I’m gonna try anyway.

And while I was looking up all these Middle Grade books, it’s made me so ridiculously eager to read every Middle Grade novel ever published. So I’m creating a thing called Middle Grade Mondays where on Mondays I’ll talk about new MG releases or review a MG book, and all that fun stuff. So this is the first post in my new series, and it’s some of the MG books that I really want to read. There’s obviously more books that just these five, but here are the ones I’m showing you today.

So let’s get started!


1. Aru Shah And The End Of Time by Roshani Chokshi



I’ve wanted to read this book for the longest time, and it’s partly because of the fact that it’s Rick Riordan’s publishing company, but mostly because of the cover. It’s so pretty! I actually have pretty much no idea what this book is about, but I know that it’s about mythology and a girl called Aru Shah. And gah! I’m just so excited to read this book. I’m not going to pick it up yet, because I have a lot of reading plans at the moment, and I want to slowly and leisurely take my time with this book, and the other Middle Grade books on this list.





2. The 11:11 Wish by Kim Tomsic



This book sounds so whimsical and funny, and I really want to dive into it. It’s about this girl called Megan who is a complete maths whiz, and she’s going to a new middle school. She wishes to herself that she can fit in, and a magical cat clock hears her wish and grants it for her. But it isn’t all as it seems…  That was a terrible description from me, so I’ll just leave the Goodreads link here so you can find out what this book is about. But I’m in love with the premise and really want to know where the story leads.





3. The Crims



This book was described as The Addam’s Family meets Despicable Me and I was immediately sold. I love the Addam’s Family so much and Despicable me is so cute, so reading a book that’s a mix between the two will (hopefully) result in the best time ever. It’s about this family of crooks, only they’re terrible at what they do. The girl who we’re following, Imogen, is the only one in the family who knows how to be bad, only she doesn’t want to be, and the story unfolds from there. It sounds fun and charming and I wanna see how this book is for me.




4. The Elephant Thief



I came for the cover, I stayed for the synopsis and the fact that this book was based on real events. This cover is so cute and reminds me of The Magician’s Elephant, which is also a good Middle Grade book. This book is basically about a boy who accidentally buys an elephant at an auction (literally how can you do that) and has to ride him from Scotland to his new home in England. There are dark plans to ruin this challenge and even Queen Victoria is watching it all happen. I just think this book sounds very interesting, and I’d love to know what ends up happening.




5. The Explorer by Katherine Rundell



I saw Katherine Rundell speak at a talk, and she was telling funny tales about her writing this book, which basically made me want to pick it up straight away. Then I found out what this book is about, and I’m already hooked. This book is about these four kids who are on a plane back to England when the plane crashes in the Amazon rainforest. So they have to figure out how to survive on their own, when they find a map to a ruined city. Really I want to see how the author’s stories weave into the book, but I also want to know how this book pans out.




So those are five of the many Middle Grade books I want to read. I hope you enjoyed this first post in my Middle Grade series, and I will see you very soon with a new post! Bye!

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