56 Thoughts I Had While Watching Love, Simon

Hey guys! Today I have a bonus post for you, and it’s all the thoughts I had while watching Love, Simon. I finally picked up Love, Simon from the library yesterday and watched it last night, and loved it. I decided to write down my thoughts while watching because I thought it would be a cool blog post. This is inspired by Epic Reads posts, because sometimes they do this but with books.

And yes, I am posting a full review of this movie in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for that if you’re a Simon lover.

Last thing before I get to all my thoughts is that this post will have spoilers. So if you haven’t watched or read Love, Simon yet, I recommend that you go and do so before you read this post.

Now let’s get to the mindless rambling of a Simon vs. fangirl!


  1. Ahh it’s about to start!
  2. It hasn’t even started yet and I’m about to cry
  3. He has a great family.
  4. At least his dad tried to eat Nora’s food (before spitting it out)
  5. Cute dog
  6. I love the father-son banter
  7. I like how supportive Simon is of Nora
  9. Love, Simon carpool karaoke
  10. The principal is cool . . . never mind just cringy
  11. Hello Martin the douche
  12. Simon being all sassy about his dads anniversary vid is awesome
  13. Bieber looked so offended when Simon said that he took a dump on the floor
  14. AAA Bluee first appearance!
  15. Simon getting so nervous about writing an email is so funny
  16. Simon has a HUGE bed that I honestly need
  17. Bram’s grin when asking for fries is so cute
  18. I’d love to be in that play so much
  19. Omg I love Ms Albright
  20. I saw Hour To Hour Note To Note on his wall!
  21. Simon’s bail at the school disco flashback is awkward and hilarious
  23. You’re right Simon, it’s Bram!
  24. Martin you blackmailing dick
  25. Omg the Halloween outfits
  27. Simon trying and failing to drink alcohol is gonna be me
  28. Aww Nick is so sweet
  29. Martin is terrible at dancing
  30. Drunk karaoke singing is something they should do more of
  31. The hypothetical straight coming out scene is one of the best things in this movie
  32. Ooh first appearance of WaHo
  33. Abby’s reaction to Simon coming out was good and a little weird
  34. Abby being Simons wingwoman is awesome
  35. Martin don’t do it  –  oh nooo  –  oh godd    oh please no   oh nononono         oooh he did it (asking Abby out)
  36. If Martin wasn’t such a bastard, I would feel really sorry for him
  37. I can see More Happy Than Not and The Upside Of Unrequited of Simons bookshelf
  38. Christmaaaas!
  39. oh no my heart is about to break
  40. I’ve been on the verge of tears for ages
  41. dude his friends are being awful to Simon
  42. I love the principal again
  43. Omg Ms. Albright is THE BEST
  44. oh my poor baby Simon
  45. Cal is so sweet
  46. Simon’s mums speech is so nice
  47. his dads speech was perfect as well . . . oh no me mentioned Grindr
  48. I spotted Simon’s eyeliner, a known trait in the book
  50. Everything about the pre-Blue ferris wheel scene is the best
  51. Omg Nick’s face when Bram gets on the wheel is everything
  52. I’m gonna cry again
  53. THE KISS
  54. . . . aaand I’m crying
  55. omg Wild Heart by Bleachers is THE song of Love, Simon. The tears are gonna coma again


So those are the thoughts I had while watching Love, Simon. It was honestly the best movie ever and I can’t wait to write my review. I’m going to watch this movie so many times for sure.

Well, thank you guys for reading this little bonus post! I hope you enjoyed it and I’ll see you very soon with a new post. Bye!

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