This or That Book Tag

Hey guys! Today I’ll be doing the This or That book tag! This tag was created by Ayunda at Ayundabhawana’s blog , and I decided I wanted to do this today. I hope you enjoy it and feel free to try this tag yourself.

Now letsa go!


1. Reading on the couch or reading in bed?

I definitely a reading in bed kind of person, but around a year ago I only read on a rocking chair that we have upstairs. It’s like when a mood reader only reads from a certain genre; I only read at one specific place.


2. Main character: male or female?

I’m fine either way, but maybe leaning more towards female, since I am one and can probably relate more to what females think about. Or it might just be the sheer amount of books I’ve read where the main character is female. Who knows.


3. Sweet or salty snacks while reading?

I don’t like eating in general while I’m reading, but if I had to choose, it would be sweet foods, since I love Skittles, and that’s basically it. SKITTLES.


4. Trilogies or quartets?

Probably quartets, but only if I really love the series. If it’s the best series ever, I’d want it to go on and on. But if it was a series I’m not that into, and just wanted to know what happens, I’d want it to be a trilogy. It really depends on my feelings toward the book.


5. First person or third person POV?

I think I like first person POV more, because you can really get a feel for the characters, and you can know their thoughts and opinions, which is always great. I mean, third person is still good, but first person really hits the reading spot. Plus, I only write in first person; it’s just my writing preference.


6. Night or morning reader?

I am definitely a night reader, because everyone is asleep and it’s so quiet, and I can get a lot of reading done. When I remember, I like reading in the mornings, but I’m usually too tired to read, so I just don’t.


7. Libraries or book stores?

100% libraries. Almost all of the books I read are from libraries. Around one percent of books I read are from books that I either receive as a gift or buy for myself on my birthday. Buying books is an extremely rare thing for me. But I go to the library around once a week, maybe more. Literally, nearly all of the books on my Booktubeathon TBR (which is coming shortly, don’t you worry) are library books. Libraries are the best.


8. Books that make you laugh or books that make you cry?

I feel like a mix of both is perfect. I love books that make me laugh, because I love humour and I can read them at any time and place. I also love reading a book that makes me cry, but always read them in private, and very late at night, so no one can see me crying. It’s also affected by my mood. Sometimes I want a funny book, and other times I want a book that will make me ball my eyes out (*cough* They Both Die In The End *cough*).


9. Black or white book covers?

I like white book covers a little bit more, because they indicate that the book will be a little bit more light that other books. I mean, this isn’t always the case, for instance the UK Throne of Glass covers, but for books like Meet Cute and To All The Boys I’ve loved Before, they are light and cute.


10. Character driven or plot driven stories?

To be honest, I don’t fully know the difference between the two, but I do like when a plot progresses really nicely throughout a book, so probably plot-driven stories.


Well that is it for my This Or That book tag! I hope you enjoyed this and remember to tell me in the comments what your answers are to these questions. I hope you have a great day and I’ll see you all later, bye!



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