Bookshelf Scavenger Hunt | TAG

Hello! Today I am bringing you my try of the bookshelf scavenger hunt tag. I was actually supposed to post my To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before review today, but I’m still halfway through that, so this is what I’m doing today!

I love watching people do this tag because It’s fun to watch and read, and I always think of what my answers would be to the questions. Well, today I am actually answering those questions. Yay!

Letsa go!


1. Find an author’s name or title with the letter Z in it


I’ve seen a lot of people use The Book Thief by Markus Zusak for this one, but I wanted to use one that I haven’t seen anyone use. I know people have used this, I just haven’t seen it myself.



2. Find a classic


This is a very obscure pick, but my choice is Doctor in the House by Richard Gordon. The copy on my bookshelf is actually a bind up of this book and Doctor at Sea, but I’ll just use this cover because it’s cool.



3. Find a book with a key on it


This is a classic that everyone uses, and I’m using it too!



4. Find something on your bookshelf that’s not a book

For this one I’m going to choose a very strange item for this time of year. A Santa Hat. I don’t know why it’s there, but it is for some reason.



5. Find the oldest book on your shelf


I’m gonna have to go with this one again, since this was published in the 50s.



6. Find a book with a girl on the cover


I could’ve picked so many books for this one, but this is my current read at the moment, so I’ll pick this. This is kind of cheating, because To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before isn’t on my bookshelf right now; it’s lying next to me on my bed. I’m still going to use it, but I might be cheating.



7. Find a book with a boy on the cover


It is the back of his head, but it still counts.



8. Find a book that has an animal in it




9. Find a book with a male protagonist


Good ol’ Percy.



10. Find a book with only words on it


This cover is mostly just words. It was just so hard, practically impossible, to find a book with only words on the cover. So I’m using this.




11. Find a book with illustrations in it


This counts, because there is mixed media in this AND illustrations.



12. Find a book with gold lettering


I couldn’t find anything for this one, until I suddenly remembered Tower of Dawn. So…  Ta-da!



13. Find a diary (true or false)


This was such a terrible book. But it works!



14. Find a book written by someone with a common name


John Green is a very common name, probably the most common name on my bookshelf. But just because his name is common doesn’t mean his books are common. Oh no! His books are the most amazing gems to walk this planet.



15. Find a book that has a closeup of something on it


This book has a close up of hands and an apple, which doesn’t have any correlation to the book, if I remember correctly. Hmmm.



16. Find a book on your shelf that takes place in the earliest time period


So many books on my shelves are fantasies, so they don’t have normal time-periods, so this was the only thing I could think of.



17. Find a hardcover book without a dust jacket


I haven’t read this yet, but my mum has and she loved it so much. I got this from a second-hand book sale, and while it didn’t come with the jacket, I’m still glad I’ve got it. It’s still the same words inside, so there’s no issue.



18. Find a teal/turquoise colored book


I actually had to look up the colours teal and turquoise, and books which were that colour, and this came up. I don’t know if this is teal, but I’m using it anyway.



19. Find a book with stars on it


I didn’t want to use Harry Potter again, so I’m using this book! This was such a cute book, and I recommend people read it during the summer time, cause I think that would be a great time to read it.



20. Find a non YA book


This is technically a children’s book, but everyone can enjoy it, because it’s just so good.



21. Find the longest book you own


This book is a whopping 860 pages. Holy crap! I don’t really have any interest at all to read this series, but you never know.



22. Find the shortest book you own


I think this is the shortest book on my shelf, with around 82 pages. Quite a big difference between this and Inheritance!



23. Find a book with multiple PoVs


I don’t know how many points of view this book has, but if the previous books are any indication, it’s a lot.



24. Find a shiny book


This is a really shiny book, and I love it. P.S. I don’t know why this book cover is smaller than the others, but we’ll just roll with it. #bookbloggingproblems



25. Find a book with flowers on it


This book has two roses (?) on it, and an owl! I’m halfway through this book, and have been for around a year. I just got so bored reading this, because nothing had happened in the 150 pages I had read. I will finish it one day, but not now or in the near future.



So that is my bookshelf scavenger hunt tag! I hope everyone does this because it was super fun to do, and reminded me of some books I own and need to read. I hope you enjoyed this post, and I’ll see you next time. Bye!


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