I tried reading (and writing) for 24 hours | Saturday 16/6/2018

The Pre-24 Hours

So, reading. It’s usually a very calm and peaceful activity, with nothing in mind but reading. But there are also readathons. Fun and challenging periods of time where you have to read as much as possible. It usually takes a week, but there are some hardcore ones which span over 24 hours. And today, I’ll be trying to read for 24 hours.

This is going to be very daunting for me, and I’ll be regularly checking in in this post. So this post will be a bind up of all my notes and rants over the span of 24 hours, so some of my words might be a little sleep-deprived.

So, over the course of these 24 hours, I have a few things I want to do. Along with reading, I also want to do some writing, since I’m getting back into my YA fantasy. So here is my to-do list for the 24 hours.

  • Continue reading Daughter Of The Burning City by Amanda Foody
  • Switch it up by alternating between DotBC and Hunger by Michael Grant
  • Reread Ya Fantasy outline
  • Continue outlining Ya Fantasy
  • Get at least 4 hours of sleep

This reading challenge won’t be as hardcore as some readathons I’ve seen, so I am allowing myself to sleep and have some downtime. But a lot of the 24 hours will be very book-based. I’m going to start my ‘thon at 12AM, so right now I have another hour to wait. So, back to Youtube!


12:00 AM

Page: 23 (I was already 23 pages into DotBC)

So, the first hour has started. I’m not going to be doing hourly check-ins, but I thought I had to say something about the start of my readathon. I’m going to put my phone away now and get to reading! Ahhh!


1:03 AM

Page: 51

I’ve just set an alarm for 6AM, and I’m going to catch a few winks. BTW this book is alright this far. The murder has happened. I didn’t want it to be this person because I really liked them, but I do have a pretty big suspicion about who the murderer is.


6:36 AM

Page: 51

I’m groggy, and I want to go back to sleep again, but I shall persevere. Ghnnn. I think I’m going to read some of my outline notes first, then get to reading, when I’m a little more awake.


8:07 AM

Page: 79

Okay, I’m much more awake now. Daughter of The Burning City is really moving now. Well, when I say moving, I mean it’s still going slowly, but less slowly than before. I think I’m going to finish the chapter I’m currently reading, then get some breakfast.


9:30 AM

Page: 79

Word Count: 700

Well, I’ve had breakfast and I just wrote 700 words of my outline. I just got a stack of new ideas, so I’m writing them into my outline. I haven’t read any more yet, but I want to get to page 100 of DotBC in my next sprint.


10:17 AM

Page: 100

Wait a second. There’s more than one murder in this book!? I didn’t know that! I was just having a lively time until BAM Murder! Sidenote: the illustrations are a cool little addition to the book. But, if all the drawings mean another murder, then so many people are going to get killed! Duuuude.


11:51 AM

Page: 100

Word Count: 764

Total Word Count: 1464

Well, I haven’t done any more reading, but I did write 764 more words of outline. Everything in my book is all suddenly so vivid, so it’s easy to know what happens next. I know that this “reading for 24 hours” has quickly turned into a “writing for 24 hours” but I ain’t complainin’. And I will be reading more, don’t you worry.


2:55 PM

Page: 100

Okay, so I haven’t done anything bookish at all since I updated last, and I’m not even sorry. Because I just watched The Greatest Showman for the first time, and it was spectacular. I already knew the lyrics to the songs, so I had a great time mouthing along. Gah, it was just so amazing. I can’t even explain it.


3:44 PM

Page: 100 (again…*sigh*)

This “readathon” is going downhill fast. I haven’t read or written anything in hours, and I don’t feel like doing anything. I’m not really a daytime reader anyway, so hopefully I can claw my way back up and continue doing all the bookish things.


10:33 PM

Page: 103

I started reading again, but then I was called into my sister’s room to do some Father’s Day stuff. I don’t want to read DotBC any more today, or really any book. I just don’t have it in me to sit down and spend a lot of time reading. I’ve also been sucked into a black hole of YouTube videos, so that’s great. I think this might be my last update, so don’t expect any more after this one.


11:35 PM

Page: 125

So I’ve reached the point where I can say that I’ve read 100 pages today. Yay! I’m really happy with myself for that. I’m enjoying this book though. It’s not spectacular, or even really good, but it’s okay. I just want to see if my murderer suspicion is correct. I’m getting tired now and my eyes are stinging, so I think I’m going to head to bed now, so here is the conclusion to my experience!



I cannot read, or write, for 24 hours. I just don’t have an attention span large enough for it. But, to me, I actually feel rather accomplished. I know, most of you will be like “I could finish three books in that amount of time, AND write a whole novel”, but this is me you’re talking about. I am not a speedy reader or writer. But when I look at my day in detail, it was actually pretty productive.

  1. I read 102 pages of Daughter of The Burning City. I’m pretty proud of that, since I am a very slow reader and this was a really slow book anyway.
  2. I wrote 1,464 words for my outline. I am so proud of myself for that. I was actually surprised by the fact that I had written over a thousand words, since I usually get burned out or exhausted trying to get to that number. I think it’s because I wasn’t aiming for a specific number of words, and I just had so many ideas to write down.
  3. I watched The Greatest Showman with my Mum and sisters for the first time today. It was so good, and I am so incredibly happy to have seen it. It was definitely a highlight of my day.
  4. I wrote this blog post! Which I find quite impressive. And if I look at the word count, I can see that it has surpassed a thousand words (1,206, to be precise), so I’ve actually written more than two and a half thousand words today (2,670). Go me!


Well, that was my experiment to see what would happen if I gave myself a time constraint of 24 hours and surrounded myself with bookish things. I hope to do another one of these in the future, maybe when I’m reading a light and fast-paced contemporary, instead of a dark and dense murder-mystery fantasy.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this utterly ridiculous post, and I’ll see you soon with something actually worth your while. Bye!

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