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Hey everyone and welcome to my summer book tag! summerbooktaggraphic1

So it is Summer now (Yay!), and I thought it was a great time to do the Summer book tag. I am so excited for all the reading I’m going to be doing this Summer break, and I hope you guys read a lot too. Any who, moving onto the tag!

Summer book tag q1

These two book covers both remind me of Summer. If Birds Fly Back reminds me of Summer because hello, beach on the cover?! And To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before reminds me of Summer because it just looks so pastel and I can imagine eating an ice cream while reading this book. I really want to read To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, and it’s on my top to-read pile. If Birds Fly Back is also on that pile, but to be honest, I wont be phased if I never get to it.



Summer book tag q2



I was going to use Anna And The French Kiss for this question, but I’m saving that for a different one. Simon Vs. definitely brightened my day, and made me feel so happy reading it. I mean, there were moments that weren’t happy, but the fact that Simon finds out who Blue is and that everything ends happily really brightened my day. If you don’t know what this book is about, it’s about this closeted dude called Simon Spier who is emailing this other gay kid at school, but he doesn’t know who this other boy (called Blue) is. And while he’s going through all that, he then get’s blackmailed by this guy, who threatens to post his emails onto Tumblr. If you haven’t read this book, DO ITT!



Summer book tag q3

This might be considered as cheating, since I’ll Give You The Sun only has little lines of yellow, and Wayward Son is mostly orange. But I’m using ’em anyway. I’ll Give You The Sun is about these twins, Noah and Jude, who used to be really close, but don’t talk any more. I’ve wanted to read this for so long, and it seems like the perfect Summery book. And I had to add Wayward Son. When it got announced, the whole internet was screaming (Katytastic especially XD). There’s no synopsis for it yet, but I really want to read it.



Summer book tag q4

To be honest, I’ve never read a book at the beach. So I’m just going to say a book that I want to read at the beach, instead of a book I HAVE read there. I think the book I’m gonna go with is Passenger by Alexandra Bracken.


I’ve had this book on my shelf for such a long time and I still haven’t got to it. I think this book would be perfect to read at the beach, since people are travelling via boat and the sea is … involved.



Summer book tag q5

Both of these books are really action packed, and full of drama. I couldn’t decide which of these books is more action packed, so I’m just using both. These books have so much action and adventure in them, and I urge you to read the series, not just for these two books, but because they are all good.



Summer book tag q6

Well, a sad ending would be They Both Die At The End, but a bad ending is probably


Caraval by Stephanie Garber. I just didn’t like this book, and the ending was really ugh for me. There were just too many plot twists and I hated Scarlett and Tella so much. I do want to read Legendary though, to see how things go, but Caraval was a bit of a flop, and I didn’t like the ending.



Summer book tag q7


This book gave me such a happy feeling when it ended. I actually teared up when I finished this book because it was just so good. Does anyone else do that? I’m probably just the weird one. This book is one of those classic YA contemporaries that everyone biblio has read. I actually haven’t read Isla and The Happily Ever After yet, but I will, cause I need to know what happens to them all.



Summer book tag q8


Even though I just used Anna for a question, I’m going to use the sequel here. Lola and The Boy Next Door’s cover is so sunset-y I just had to use it. This book is nowhere near as good as Anna, but it still is really good. And Anna and Etienne show up in it as well. So that’s great.



Summer book tag q9


I’m definitely not going to read this whole series this Summer, but I do want to get a few books into it. I’ve already finished Gone, so only five incredibly long books to go! Gone was such a good book (link to review here) and I so want to see what happens next. If you haven’t read this book, I definitely recommend it.



So that is the Summer book tag done! I hope you enjoyed it and please do the tag yourself, it’s so fun to do. Please comment down below if any of the books I mentioned tickled your fancy, and I’ll see you all soon, bye!


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