They Both Die At The End | SPOILER REVIEW

Hey guys. So a few weeks ago I finished reading They Both Die At The End by Adam Silvera, and it was absolutely heartbreaking. Seriously, I loved this book so much, it was just everything I wanted and more. I could’ve actually read this book a lot faster than I did, but I was actually too scared to read this because I knew what happened at the end. So let me tell you exactly what I thought of this book.

Note: There will be spoilers in this review so read the book first then come back here and cry with me.


Author: Adam Silvera

Publisher: HarperTeen

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

On September 5, a little after midnight, Death-Cast calls Mateo Torrez and Rufus Emeterio to give them some bad news: They’re going to die today.

Mateo and Rufus are total strangers, but, for different reasons, they’re both looking to make a new friend on their End Day. The good news: There’s an app for that. It’s called the Last Friend, and through it, Rufus and Mateo are about to meet up for one last great adventure—to live a lifetime in a single day. – Goodreads

This book was so emotional and inspiring, and I loved it so much. I love the all the characters in this book, and I it was so cool how all the points of view interweave and connect. There are two main points of view, Rufus and Mateo, but there are also around seven other perspectives as well. You might think that might be a little confusing and annoying, but it’s actually so good. I must admit, I did get a tad confused a couple of times as to who the characters were, but when I flipped back a few pages, I was easily caught up.

Rufus and Mateo were both so adorable and lovable, but in completely different ways. Mateo is this little marshmallow, and Rufus is like a cactus wrapped around a marshmallow. Both of them are just the cutest characters ever. It was amazing to see their characters change throughout the book, like Mateo breaking out of his shell, and Rufus becoming more comfortable about Mateo and his own inner demons.

Throughout this book, and even before I started reading it, I didn’t know if Mateo and Rufus got together in the end. I really hoped they did, but I didn’t know if this book was a romance or not. And it was! I was so happy when Mateo kissed Rufus at the disco, and all their romantic little moments after that was just so cute. But because the fell in love and were together for the last bit of this book, the ending was just so much sadder.

Now, about the deaths. Mateo’s death was so sudden and out of the blue, and I couldn’t keep it together when I was reading it. I just balled like an absolute baby. Was anyone expecting the faulty stove to be the cause of his death? Not me. And then Rufus’s death. I kind of knew he was hit by a car, but until I watched the Booksplosion liveshow, I didn’t know it was the DeathCast caller who had called Rufus in the first place. Like, wow.

This book inspired me to live so much, and I wrote down so many of the quotes in this book because they spoke to me on such a deep level. They Both Die At The End really reminds me of Walter Mitty, and I want to watch the movie now after reading this book. And sidenote, does anyone else think this book would be perfect as a movie? I could see all the scenes happening in my head and I think this book would be perfect if it was on-screen.

I think I read this book at a good time, since Summer is almost upon us, and I can live and have adventures without the burden of school.This is a book I probably won’t fully reread, because I can’t go through that heartbreak again, but I think it’s one of those stories where I’ll just read a particular scene if I’m feeling sad or uninspired. ‘Cause this book has some unbelievably beautiful writing, and I want to immerse myself in it again.


Well, that is my review of They Both Die At The End by Adam Silvera! Please tell me in the comments what you thought about this book, and tell me if you’d want to live in a world where DeathCast is real. I certainly would not. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this review, and I’ll see you soon, bye!


8 thoughts on “They Both Die At The End | SPOILER REVIEW

    1. I know, I tried not to cry, but as I was reading I thought to myself, Am I heartless? XD But then I did ball when Mateo died, and I also cried when Mateo was saying goodbye to his dad. I just thought it was so sad how his dad would never see his son alive ever again. It just got to me.

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      1. Hahaha! I honestly felt like I would be able to pull it off – before I started reading that is – and I couldn’t have been more wrong. :’)
        Ooohhh, YES. That was the moment I completely choked up. I even recall putting the book aside because I needed some time away from it. :’)


      2. I literally could not pick up the book because I was too scared to see them die. So I planned it out. I read the book only at night when everyone in my family had gone to bed so I could cry without interruptions 🙂

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