Towers and Tales 2018

Hey guys! So today I’m going to be talking about Towers and Tales, and my experience.

To the people who don’t live in Ireland, or even know about Towers and Tales, let me explain. Towers and Tales is a children’s book festival set in Lismore Castle. It hosts authors from Ireland and around the world to do talks and signings, and overall it’s a load of fun. Here’s the link

Now onto my experience this year. Spoiler alert: I had a blast.

I had been to this festival twice before and loved every second of it, but this year was my first time volunteering, so it was even more fun.

The festival was set out into two days. On Friday there were two events happening in the evening that I helped with. The first one was a Bold Girls event hosted by Sarah Webb, who spoke to Celine Kiernan and Katherine Rundell. They were talking about their books, and then they spoke about the women in literature who they loved. I really loved the talk, because it was fascinating and funny at times, and after watching it, I’ll definitely be reading books from both authors. After the talk was over, the women offered to sign books, and I sold badges.

The next event that night was an art exhibition in a local cafe. It was the artwork of Chris Haughton, and he was there to talk about how his artwork was made. I really liked his art style and the colours he used, and it was a very nice exhibition. And that was the first day of Towers and Tales, and I went home.

Then on Saturday was when the doors to the castle were open to the public and all the free and paid events happened. Saturday was THE day. I arrived at 8:30, and the festival manager Caroline Busher gave me my costume to wear. There were a few costumes that were given to volunteers who wanted to dress up (a big Walker Bear costume, two old-fashioned dresses and a Where’s Wally costume), and I got changed into my Where’s Wally outfit. The costume consisted of a stripy top, blue pants, a beanie, and glasses, and I really looked the part.

So for the next few hours, food vans arrived and people started setting up. Then the doors opened to the public at 11:00. It was really exciting because families kept recognizing me as Wally. I got “where’s Wally?”, “look there’s Wally!” and “I found Wally” said to me, and I felt really happy. It was just the look on the kids faces when they saw and recognized me. I got a lot of parents wanting to take a photo with me and their kid, and I felt really happy.

At 1:00, I went to the food stableyard to get myself some lunch on my break. And let me just tell you, the lunch was AMAZING. I had a hot dog, a cup of chips and a 7Up and it was so good. And after I had finished lunch, I went back out there and kept being Where’s Wally.

To be honest, it did get exhausting at some points, because I had developed a routine of hiding from kids and when they see me, I would run away, so when another volunteer told me about a break room, I went there to have a rest.

So overall my day was hiding from kids until they found me, and running away to hide somewhere else. And I haven’t even told you who the authors were! So there was Katherine Rundell, Celine Kiernan and Sarah Webb again doing events, and there was also Deidre Sullivan and Karen Vaughan reciting fairytales but from the females perspective, to tie along with the book Tangleweed and Brine. And one of the last events that day was a talk and a signing by Eoin Colfer, which a lot of people queued up for. While that talk was going on, I just stayed in the break room, because the kids were either at the talk or had gone home.

And that pretty much wrapped up Towers and Tales! The day went absolutely wonderfully and it was honestly magical. I got a lot of praise for my Where’s Wally, which I felt so happy about. And after the gates to the castle closed at the end of the day, all the volunteers and everyone involved with the festival got to have an afternoon tea party, which was cool. I had mini sandwiches, a scone with jam and cream, and two cups of tea. And then at 7:00, I left and went home.

So I had the time of my life and I’ll definitely be volunteering next year as well.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this post, and I’ll see you later. Bye!!!

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