#Borrowathon TBR

Hello everyone, it’s me again and today I’m going to be talking about Borrowathon!

Borrowathon is this amazing readathon where all the challenges centre around borrowing books. This is the first time I’ve participated and I’m very excited to be a part of it. I’m not doing the reading sprints, which really sucks but they start at 2 AM in my time zone. And plus, school has just started back for me so it would be way to late to read.

So here are the challenges and my tbr!

1. Give an author a second chance


I had started this before but I put it down, so now I have it out of the library again and I really want to read it. I have actually heard a spoiler for this book, but it actually made me want to pick this book up again.


2. Start a new-to-you series


I’ve only recently found out about this series, and I want to read it so bad, but I have to wait until it comes into my library. I have stopped myself from finding out anything about this book because I want it to be a surprise.


3. Read a book with 5 or more words in the title

3P JKT Geeks_Guide.indd

I’ll probably just use Aristotle and Dante for this challenge too, but if I do get to this, I’ll use this for the challenge.


4. Read a 2017 release


I’ve already started this book and even though I’m 25 pages through, I ‘m liking it so far. There’s a mystery in this book, which I’ve never really read before, but I hope this will be a good read.


5. Read a book you find in a #libraryhaul


I’ve already finished this book and I really enjoyed it. I actually only had 217 pages left so I read the rest yesterday on the first day of Borrowathon. I am going to do a review of it soon, so that’ll be up in around a week.


And I don’t actually have anything set for 6. Read a book that features a library so I think I’m just going to give this challenge a miss.


Well I hope you enjoyed this TBR, I’m going to be doing a wrap-up at the end of this readathon and if any of you are doing Borrowathon, I hope you have fun! Bye!

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