Many of you may have heard of Nanowrimo. If you haven’t, let me explain it to you. Nanowrimo is a writing challenge hosted in November. The challenge is that you have to write 50,000 words in a month. There is also Camp Nanowrimo, hosted in April and June (I think), I today we’re talking about the original version.

If you want to join in, here’s the link to the Nanowrimo website.

So the question now is, am I doing Nanowrimo this year?

The answer is… no. I know, I know! Scandal! But let me explain.

November is going to be a really busy month for me. First, it’s my birthday month (and my sisters). Second, my grandpa is coming this month and staying for around two months. And three, I’m already doing a writing project on my blog. I’m trying to write a blog post a day, and so far it’s been working.

So this month is extremely busy for me, so I just don’t have time to write a book in a month. But I am rooting for everyone who is participating in Nanowrimo. G’luck everyone!

Well, that’s all for today and I will see you tomorrow with another post. Bye!

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