All About Mia Soundtrack

Hello everyone and welcome to today’s post! Today I’m doing something a little bit different; I’m showing a spotify playlist of a book. I’ve described it weirdly but we’ll go with it.


What is All About Mia?

One family, three sisters.
GRACE, the oldest: straight-A student.
AUDREY, the youngest: future Olympic swimming champion.
And MIA, the mess in the middle.

Mia is wild and daring, great with hair and selfies, and the undisputed leader of her friends – not attributes appreciated by her parents or teachers.
When Grace makes a shock announcement, Mia hopes that her now-not-so-perfect sister will get into the trouble she deserves.
But instead, it is Mia whose life spirals out of control – boozing, boys and bad behaviour – and she starts to realise that her attempts to make it All About Mia might put at risk the very things she loves the most. – Goodreads

I really liked this book. I read ages ago and I gave it a five stars. Looking back, it might actually be a four star book, but I can’t be bothered to change it #lazypeopleproblems .

Anyway, at the end of the book there is Mia’s parents wedding playlist, which has all these good songs. So I found those songs on Spotify and made a playlist called All About Mia Playlist. But since I have absolutely no idea how to put spotify onto my blog, I’m just going to list the songs here.

I just want to say that I DID NOT make this song list. The songs were already in the book, and I put them onto Spotify.

  1. Back for Good – Take That
  2. I Wanna Dance With Somebody – Whitney Houston
  3. A Little Respect – Erasure
  4. Sex On Fire – Kings Of Leon
  5. Single Ladies – Beyonce
  6. Got My Mind Set on You – George Harrison
  7. Walking on Sunshine – Katrina & The Waves
  8. We Are Family – Sister Sledge
  9. You Make My Dreams – Daryl Hall & John Oates
  10. Higher and Higher – Jackie Wilson
  11. You and Me Song – The Wannadies
  12. Shake It Off – Twenty One Two

I’ve listened to this playlist and really liked it. It makes you wanna dance, which I think is good at a wedding, even a fictional one. I think it would be cool to actually listen to this soundtrack while reading All About Mia, especially the actual wedding part. I just think it would be good immersion.

Well that is it for today, and I will see you soon with another post. Bye!

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