Eliza and her Monsters Review (Spoilers)

Hello everyone and welcome to todays review! Today I will be reviewing Eliza and her Monsters by Francesca Zappia.


First I want to say that I LOVED THIS BOOK!!!!! This book is about a girl called Eliza who has created a really famous web comic called Monstrous Sea. Eliza doesn’t really have any friends outside of  her phone, and then she meets Wallace. Wallace, she finds out, is the most popular fanfiction writer of her web comic. They strike up a friendship and things go from there.

I really liked Eliza and Wallace’s friendship, and how there was a lot to Wallace that he didn’t show. It also takes a bit to build up to stuff which I personally like.

I find the little extracts of Monstrous Sea and Wallace’s Fanfiction really cool, and I like the art style. This book has really got me inspired to draw, even though I can’t draw a straight line. So this book is very inspirational for me in that level, because I hadn’t drawn for ages and I’ve started getting back in the swing of things.

Spoiler Alert: When I was reading the bit when Eliza finally gets found out, I literally rolled my eyes and thought to myself, “for goodness sake’s parents”. I just felt a little exasperated that Eliza’s parents told the newspaper that she had created Monstrous Sea. Jeez dudes!

One more thing I liked about the book was the sibling friendships. I was really happy when Sully took things into his own hands and showed their mum and dad Monstrous Sea, and I like how even though sometimes they hate each other, they do love each other and care for each other at heart.

So that is it from me, I hope you enjoyed this little post, and I will see you soon with another post. Bye!

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