The Rest Of Us Just Live Here | WORD VOMIT (spoilers)

I just finished this book about ten minutes ago and let me just say, I LOVED IT!!!!! This was one of the best books I have read this year, albeit there haven’t been a lot, but still.
  This book is about the people who AREN’T the chosen ones, just the rest. The book is set around this boy called Mikey and his group of friends, Mel, Henna and Jared, and they are just trying to battle through their lives until they graduate.
  I’m not really sure what genre this book is, maybe fantasy, maybe contemporary, who knows, but what I do know is that this book was just awesome.
  I loved this book from beginning to end, and I was a bit sad when it ended. The only things that I didn’t really like was the fight that Jared and Mikey had about the video of Mel punching that reporter in the face, and the fact that Jared was going to leave for the God realm in four years. But other than that, it was just perfect.
  I really liked the chapter heading that read the story of The Chosen One (Satchel) and I kinda want a book just based on those chapter headings.
  Two quick things before I go; one, am I the only one who totally ships Mikey and Jared. I so do! and two, I really want to be the god of cats. Or just the god of animals altogether. That would be soo cool!
  Ok, I lied, there are three things that I want to talk about. The last thing is that you should definitely read this book! I don’t care what you’re doing, I want you to stop whatever it is and read this book. I mean it!

  Ok, well I need to go now, maybe I will have a more structured review about this book soon but if not, here is my word vomit. Enjoy.

  Well, byeeee!!!!!!

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